Wedding Regency at Dominion Valley

Photo courtesy of Lisa Robinson at Lovesome Photography

I’m sure you can’t tell from the above photo, but this wedding was in December.  Very rarely do couples with December weddings get treated to such gorgeous weather, but Lisa and Jonathan were that couple, and they deserved such a great day.  They were absolutely wonderful to work with for us.  They had a vision for their music program, but gave us the flexibility to pivot if we needed to in order to make sure all of their guests had a great time.

This wedding was the first one we did after officially becoming Bela Sono Music, but that isn’t the only reason this wedding was special.  It turns out that Lisa has a tremendous musical talent with her voice.  In the moment, she decided that she didn’t even need the microphone that we had prepared for her.  Instead, completely acapella, she sang her new husband a song accompanied by a pianist.  To say that it was a moving moment would be the understatement of the year.

Lisa and Jonathan’s wedding was not particularly large from a headcount perspective, but it gave the room a truly intimate feeling.  Each and ever guest appeared to have a close connection to the bride and groom, and thoroughly enjoyed being a part of their celebration.  We see our couples do a send-off regularly, but Lisa and Jonathan had a great idea for a song they wanted playing as they exited the reception.  Instead of simply asking guests to head outside, we provided one of our Bose speakers in the lobby of the venue so that we could set the perfect musical stage for their exit to Sheppard – Geronimo.

We had an absolute blast being part of this wedding, and hope you enjoy Lovesome Photo’s incredible shots that captured it!

Photographs courtesy of: Lisa Robinson at Lovesome Photography

Venue: Regency at Dominion Valley