One of the primary complaints that wedding guests have about wedding entertainment is about the volume.  The team at Bela Sono Music goes to great lengths to make sure that each and every guest has a great experience with music and sound.

The problem comes from simple physics.  The most common DJ sound system is a set up of two speakers on stands.  From two speakers, the DJ will try to cover the whole room so that guests can hear everything from dinner music and toasts to dancing.  But, with a two speaker system there is an inevitable result… One part of the room will be much louder than the rest.

Let’s take a look at how we handle this by walking through a recent wedding that we did at the Lodge at Little Seneca Creek in Boyds, Maryland:

Wedding Uplighting Maryland Wedding DJ Lodge at Little Seneca Creek

Uplighting and DJ Services from Bela Sono Music

The Problem

This photo is taken from our DJ table.  And the problem is simple.  If we are sending sound into the room at the perfect volume for the first tables – by the time it gets to the back, you won’t be able to hear.  If we try to reach the back of the room with two speakers – it will be FAR too loud at the front tables to hold appropriate dinner conversation.

This is a simple room with a very common issue.  There is no way to get the appropriate sound to the back with just a two speaker sound system.

Our Solution

The way Bela Sono Music solves this problem is with our Bose Professional speaker systems in addition to our main sound.  These speakers are so thin and elegant, you might have missed that they are actually IN the first photo you looked at:

Perfect Volume Wedding DJ Bose Speakers Maryland Wedding

That’s right.  Those two tiny sticks are a premium professional speaker system that allows us to provide even sound coverage for the entire room.  They’re so small that you could easily miss them, but they allow us to provide the perfect volume for all of your guests regardless of where they sit.

When it is time for dancing and the volume rises on the dance floor, we simply turn the Bose speakers off.  That way your guests can still talk comfortably at their table while the volume on the dance floor is lively.

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Don’t settle for an old-fashioned solution to wedding sound.  Our modern approach to making sure all of your guests can hear at the perfect volume is just one more way that Bela Sono is changing what it means to be a modern wedding DJ.