We first met Mika and Cole with a referral from the fabulous wedding planner Vanessa Young of Little Black Book.  We’re always so honored with any referral, but it turns out that Vanessa and Mika are friends, and that Vanessa would get to enjoy this wedding as a guest.  Love it!

The River Bend Golf Club team were fabulous hosts for the evening, and the club is absolutely beautiful.  I particularly loved that the dance floor is slightly separate from the dining area.  It means that our wireless Bose speakers come in handy – but provides a great guest experience.

But most of all, we love getting to relive some of the great moments of this wedding through the beautiful gallery of Melissa Nyman Photography’s work!

Mika and Cole both LOVE to dance, and it was important to them to have a great dance party for their wedding.  Our music spanned the decades to get all of their guests involved.  But, we put a focus on 90s and throwback party hits.  I had so much fun with the set at this wedding, that I re-created part of the set and posted it to YouTube:

The dance set was almost a full three hours, which is long for your average wedding.  But, we had the party rocking all the way to the end.  It was clear how much love and care there was for our couple.  And, this was a group that loves to party!  For a set that long, it is important for a DJ to really read the room, and manage the energy of the dance floor.

If we play too much much high energy stuff in the beginning, you can tire people out too quickly.  Instead, we were careful to increase the energy and bring it back down over time.  Your guests won’t ever realize that our process is intentional.  But, the results of a well crafted dance set speak for themselves as you can see in the gallery above.

We appreciate you checking out this gallery recap!  Stay tuned for more recaps of our 2016 weddings!